Paint Code Location


One of the most common questions we get here at Fiat Accessories is - How do I find my Fiat's Paint Code? There are many reasons you may need to know what your paint code is. Stone Chips, Resprays or when painting a new spoiler to match the colour of your car.

You can find your Fiat's Paint Code by looking in the inside of the boot lid or bonnet lid. The code generally appears on a silver sticker or plate and is normally 3 digits long and occasionally is followed by a / and a letter. The circled image below shows the important information you will require. The top description is the paint name and the code below is your paint code. It is important you make sure you select the correct code before ordering.


There is no Silver Plate/Sticker in my Fiat, How do I find my code?

If you still have trouble finding your paint code we advise you contact your local Fiat Dealership who will be able to assist you further on how to find the correct paint code 

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